About Us

Yummi bags the luxury gift company was created by three friends that live in Kensington. In early 2012 they noticed there was a distinct lack of divine smelling chemical free products that were affordable on the market. Their love of all things natural and non-chemical in the beauty world inspired them to create their own range of body products.


The spa team as their friends nicknamed them expanded from their first range of rose and jasmine Yummi Mummy body products to seven others. Their ranges include. The Yummi Pedi Citron range, the Yummi Mani coconut and Lemongrass Range and the Yummi Baby Lavender and Chamomile Range and the Luxury YSPA Range.

The SPA Team whilst doing their daily jog in Hyde Park Commented. There never seem to be any beautiful gift sets evadible all year round only the usual Christmas ones. What about Mother’s day, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Baby shower and so an idea was born….

After much research and product trials they found the perfect bags to compliment there body products.

Chic and practical with wipe clean interiors and stylish satin exteriors. There is a large range from small pouchettes to soft sided beauty cases, large spa and gym totes to hand bags and baby bags. All come in a wide range of vibrant colours from pretty feminine pinks to classy onyx black.

Whilst in the spa doing product research they realised they were missing one vitally element. What they now call the “Hard Spa”. So they sourced the highest quality natural body brushes, loofas, pumices and exfoliators they could find. They then formed them into affordable luxury gift sets.

They teamed their wonderful natural organic sulphate and paraben free body products with their super stylish and practical Luxury “Spa bags” and their high quality bath brushes, exfoliators and loofas. To create a unique idea for year round gift sets for all occasions. All beautifully gift boxed and presented ready to give your loved ones. Making the world just that bit YUMMIER…..at www.yummibags.co.uk or on amazon.